Care Guide


Bamboo Viscose Cleaning Recommendations: 

To prolong the life of the bamboo fabric, it is best practice to hand wash and hang to dry. We cannot stress this enough. 

 However, we do understand as busy parents, washing by hand is not always possible. In this case, we recommend washing on a delicate cold cycle with like colors and fabrics. While hanging or lying flat to dry is best for the fabric, if you need to throw garments in the dryer, please tumble dry on low. Plea

If washed in washing machines:  

- Sleepers and Bodysuits should be washed inside out to help prevent pilling, on cold gentle cycle with like colours and fabrics. 

- Sleep Sacks should be washed normally (not inside out) with the zipper and snaps done up completely to help protect the inner fabric and filling. They should be washed on a cold, gentle cycle with like colours and fabrics. 

Do not bleach or dry clean under any circumstances. Keep away from fire. 


Organic Cotton Cleaning Recommendations: 

To prolong the life of these products, we recommend the machine be cold, inside out, with like colors, but please hang or lay flat to dry. Our organic cotton garments have not been pre-shrunk, meaning should you choose to tumble dry, the items may shrink. If you are planning to tumble dry, we recommend sizing up during purchase to make up for potential shrinkage. Do not bleach or dry clean. Iron low only if necessary. 

Please note that using the washing machine and/or dryer may result in our hot stamp label peeling off.

We will not be responsible for garment wear/tear due to washing or drying outside of recommendations.  Washing by hand and hanging to dry is the absolute best practice to keep these garments beautiful. 


Please note that darker fabrics may fade when being washed in washing machines and we recommend to wash them by hand to keep them looking fresh.