Why are your patterned and plain zippered sleepers different lengths?

We get asked this a lot (and rightfully so!) so here is the scoop. The patterned sleepers were our first design and shipment. We found the fit to be super cute on little babies, but when it came to our 3 year old daughter we wanted a bit more forgiveness with the length.  She is a bit on the taller side for height, and for the most part the 3T worked well on her....until we folded the feet over.  When the feet were folded over it pulled the neckline into a V neck, which looked uncomfortable and just not right.  Thankfully she disliked the feet folded over anyways, but we decided moving forward to look at a couple of other popular brand's sizing's to make out new shipment comparable.  As parents we want as much longevity as possible.  We work hard for our money and there is nothing worse than spending a bunch of money only to have our babies wear the item once and then grow out of it overnight (you cant trust these kids!) So we vowed to make them a wee bit longer as the fold over feet still sit cute and comfortable bunched up at the ankles should they fit a bit longer.  


 Will you be doing mommy and me matching any time soon?

Currently we have no plans to bring in family matching any time soon BUT things can change over night.  It might be fun to do family matching for Christmas though! Stay tuned for updates on this topic. 


Will you be shipping internationally in the future?

We may expand to other countries in the future, however at this point we want to solely focus on our Canadian customer base.  We want to be able to bring Canadians much sought after and desirable products at affordable prices.  We want to ensure Canadians are getting their needs met before we even think to expanding to fill the needs of others. 


Are your products  made in Canada? 

Our products are proudly designed in Canada but manufactured outside of Canada for various reasons but here are the main two: 

#1) I CAN NOT SEW.  Good lord, If I was left to sew a dang thing I would have to pay you guys to take the products.  I am good a lot of things--sewing is not one of them.  And so I leave this to the professionals, who can actually bring my ideas and desires to life effortlessly and responsibly. 

#2) It is extremely difficult to find a bamboo supplier locally.  It just does not grow here.  If I were to find a local supplier, they would essentially be the middle man, and they would have brought the bamboo from over seas anyways.

We may look into having some Canadian manufacturers provide some our products in the future, the door is always open for this option!